So, anyway, bye

Just a note to say that I am retiring from public affairs. I have been disgusted by the state of Canadian politics for a very long time and it’s time for me to make my exit. I have tried very hard these past 20 or so years to be the best advocate I could for a small, limited government and this is not something for which I have any energy left. And since I have other, more important, things and people to worry about, I’m going to focus on that. Because they matter, and because looking after these things and people makes me happy in a way public affairs never could.

So there! With that, I take my leave. Maybe one day I’ll revamp this website to share some of the other things I’m working on. Until then, be good.

On the plus side…

I confess I did not believe the polls. I thought there would be more hidden (or quiet) support for the PQ’s charter in the heartland. Evidently Quebecers thought re-electing the Liberals was the way to go. I don’t get it.

But! This means Pauline Marois is done. It’s not very nice to kick a woman when she’s down, but I never said I was nice and I always disliked her. Bye!

Do you know what your teens are reading?

This column (in French, language and content warning) isn’t shocking just because of the content. It’s shocking because the book it’s about (which was given to 15 year-olds) generated precisely one complaint.

For those of you who don’t read French: it’s a novel that features graphic scenes of violent sex, some of which lead to torture and worse. That was given to teenagers as part of their mandatory work.

And one (1) parent complained. One. The school looked into the matter, expressed regret that this parent might have been shocked, reimbursed him the cost of the book and allowed his child to read some other book. You’ll notice the other kids are still reading the other thing.

I’m guessing nobody else cares. It’s beyond sad.

Abortion inconsistencies

I find it odd to see many people react with shock and horror to this story.

The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.

Look: do you know what abortion does to a baby? It breaks it apart (tearing off each limb), then the skull is crushed to allow it to pass down the birth canal. That’s done without anaesthesia of any kind on the baby. I guess we just assume the baby doesn’t feel pain. It’s more convenient (to us, I mean) that way.

Considering the horror of the abortion procedure itself, I’m not sure burning the bodies afterwards is the most objectionable part. But people who choose either to support or ignore abortion on demand endorse the first part (hundreds of times each day in Canada) yet react with shock at the second.

I have no idea why.

Excuse the language

Check out the first part of Foglia’s column (in French), on that PQ candidate kicked out over a stupid Facebook meme. You will notice, in addition to young people’s habit of saying “fuck” a lot and for no good reason, something way worse than a few swear words. You will see a young man who cannot express himself in French even when he tries. I see this in English, too. It’s not just a problem in Quebec. I don’t know what kids learn in school these days other than recycling, but I can tell you it’s not grammar or logic. And that is a real shame.

Fun with constitutions

This is good reading right here. And it reminds me of a paper I did in law school with Henri Brun (he’s the PQ’s favourite constitutional expert; a gentle and most pleasant fellow who’s wrong about just about everything). My task was to present the various constitutional options for some kind of living arrangements with the ROC after a yes vote and give an analysis of the various pros and cons. This was in the early 1990s. I wasn’t a separatist but I took the time to do a very thorough and fair paper. I got an A, if memory serves, but not because I made it look easy for the PQ. In fact, poor prof Brun had to reluctantly agree that I’d done a fine job of outlining just how difficult for Quebec all the options were. Not that it stops these folks from wanting their country. But it’s not unreasonable to say they don’t quite understand just what kind of mess they’d be in if their referendum was successful.

A geeky Friday smile

Received this email from hosting provider GoDaddy, and I found it so endearingly cute I can’t resist sharing it. Here goes:

We recently emailed you about a MySQL upgrade for your account (…) to MySQL 5.5.

In that email, we erroneously mentioned the upgrade happening on Dec. 3, 2013. Because that’s in the past and we’re unfortunately tethered to the “forward” movement of the fourth dimension, we obviously included the wrong date.

Your account is scheduled to receive the upgrade at some time in the 90-day window from the date you received the email. Once your account is upgraded, we’ll email you and let you know.

We apologize for any confusion. But not for any coy smirks our typo caused.

Thinking like a paranoid

Thought experiment: What if the real target of this amazingly conveniently-timed information release wasn’t so much Andrew Leslie as Peter MacKay? Sounds crazy, right? But  he was the one responsible for the policy, really, not Rob Nicholson. It’d be a shame if he were to, you know, find himself less popular as a result of this story. And when you couple it with the bizarrely-timed backpedalling exercise on income splitting, which does nothing for Jason Kenney and his so-con supporters, well, you’re starting to smell what I’m smelling?

So-cons played for fools again, but they won’t mind, right?

If there is one thing Stephen Harper is good at, it’s using so-cons for his own purposes without actually giving them anything. Been doing it for years. And that seems to be his latest.

But hey, as Tory bigwigs will tell you bluntly when you catch them in a chatty mood, it’s not like so-cons have anywhere else to go, right? So they keep defending and supporting Harper no matter what.

It’s a bit sad, really.